Children Waiting for Adoption


His birthday highlights Iquaevion’s social calendar for the year. It’s the day he enjoys celebrating like none other. IQ, as Iquaevion is called, dreams of having a Superman/Spider-Man-themed birthday party in which his friends and siblings join in the celebration. Of course, no birthday party is complete without food, and if IQ’s favorites were served, he and guests would feast on Hamburger Helper and pizza with bacon and sausage. Decorations would gleam with IQ’s favorite colors: gold, silver, orange, blue, red and navy blue. On his dream birthday, IQ would blow out the candles atop a vanilla cake then help serve slices of it along with Superman ice cream. After dessert, IQ and company would enjoy some of his favorite activities such as playing soccer, football and basketball. They might watch some videos featuring IQ’s favorite animals including tigers, cheetahs, lions, monkeys and dogs. Ah, it’ll be a glorious “truth, justice and the American way” birthday bash for the ages. On the day after his birthday, IQ will come back to reality, at least for a while. He’ll enjoy some of his other favorite activities such as running and going to the YMCA. “He also loves the book and movie ‘Pete’s Dragon,’” says his worker. After reading, IQ will dream some more, this time about a future forever family, one who makes him feel welcome and who will step forward very soon.

Because of the trauma he experienced, IQ can struggle with his emotions and behavior, but he receives services to help him process his past and develop better coping skills. IQ does best in school when he gets support. His worker says IQ likes math the best and enjoys going to his current school. IQ would do best with one or two parents who can give him the supervision and one-on-one attention he needs to thrive. His new parents would benefit from knowledge of the impact of trauma on a child’s behavior and development. The new forever family for IQ must be fierce advocates for the services he needs to function at his best at home and in school. They also must be patient as IQ transitions into his new home. Finally, the family must be open to letting IQ maintain his relationships with his siblings.

For more information about IQ, contact our Adoption Specialist, Sara Wassenaar, at or 616.356.6268.


Bruce puts the “aww” in awesome. Take, for instance, what he’s most proud of: “Stitching a new button on my teddy bear.” Then there are his three wishes: “For family safety, for lots of love, and for the world to be a better place.” When asked the most important thing he wants people to know about him, Bruce says, “I am loveable.” His interests suggest a couple other “able” words such as “adorable” and “admirable.” At Christmastime, he likes giving more than receiving, and he enjoys taking care of the critters around the house at his current placement. Any other “aww”-some facts that you want to share with folks, Bruce? ”I have lots of stuffed animals.” His worker agrees with Bruce’s “aww”-ssessment. “Bruce can be very sweet,” the worker says. “He desperately wants to be part of a forever family and has a lot of love to give.” That’s just about “aww” the information you need to know about this sweet and loving boy. Well, maybe there’s some more. Bruce says his favorite animal is the koala bear, his favorite subject in school is science and his favorite food is McDonald’s’ french fries. Instead of the Golden Arches, Bruce likes the color pink. In addition, Bruce says he enjoys playing “The Game of Life” as well as video games. He also enjoys participating in 4-H with sheep as his featured animal. With his future forever family, Bruce wants to go on an awe-inspiring vacation.

Although he is somewhat introverted, Bruce enjoys talking to people once he is comfortable with them. In school, he struggles to stay focused but is capable of getting good grades and has been on the Honor Roll. Currently, Bruce is getting help understanding and finding ways to cope with his emotions, which can overwhelm him sometimes. Due to his past trauma, Bruce needs a dedicated forever family who will provide structure, stability and one-on-one supervision. Therefore, a household with two patient and experienced parents would be best for him. His adoptive parents would benefit from having experience with or knowledge of the impact of trauma on a child’s development and behavior. Even though it’s not a must, Bruce would do best as the only child in the home; if he’s not the only child then he should be the youngest. To reach his full potential, Bruce needs to understand boundaries yet get guidance and encouragement. Bruce also has stated a preference for a family with pets. Finally, since Bruce has a strong bond with his younger brother, his new family must be open to letting him maintain that relationship.

For more information about Bruce, contact our Adoption Specialist, Amanda Vanderklok, at or 616.204.7269.


Jason likely will make a great parent when he gets older. First of all, he knows how to treat discipline. “He wants a family to know when he is in trouble to send him outside to ‘run around’ but not send him in his room alone,” says Jason’s worker. Second, he understands the role of affection. “Jason is a very loving child who wants to please others,” the worker says. Finally, Jason realizes the importance of structure in a child’s life. “He does great when he knows exactly what he will be doing for the day; he thrives with schedules,” Jason’s worker says. For now, Jason focuses on boyhood bliss. He enjoys playing outside where this speedster loves riding his bike with the pedals floored. His favorite animals include snakes, sharks and horses. When he’s inside, Jason enjoys playing pretend. “He likes to use his imagination and play with Transformers,” the worker says. His favorite Transformer is Bumblebee. Like a lot of boys, Jason’s favorite color is blue, and his favorite food is pizza. While he has a practical side to his boyhood pursuits, Jason has an adventuresome spirit as well. “He has even been rock climbing,” says Jason’s worker. When he’s asked about the qualities he wants in a future forever family, another parental trait stands out for Jason. “Jason reports he wants to be part of a family who will keep him safe,” says his worker. “That is the more important thing for Jason.”

Due to the trauma he has experienced, Jason has some behaviors that will require careful monitoring at home and in school. He receives assistance at school to help him function at his best. “Jason wants to do better in school and tries hard each day,” says his worker, who adds that Jason interacts well with his peers. Jason would do best in a future forever family with an experienced mother and father and no other children. Jason would benefit from having a positive male role model. His new parents would benefit from knowledge of the impact of trauma on a child’s behavior and development. His family must be able to provide structure and teach proper boundaries. Jason has stated a preference for a family who will let him maintain contact with his siblings and who has pets.

For more information about Jason, contact our Adoption Specialist, Amanda Vanderklok, at or 616.204.7269.


Kaedyn is an active young lad with a lot of creative energy. He loves being outdoors and enjoys playing with remote control cars and airplanes. Kaedyn gets his creative juices flowing by listening to music, and he satisfies his artistic flair by doing arts and crafts. “He wants others to know that his favorite color is blue, his favorite thing to eat is dessert and his favorite animal is a sloth,” says Kaedyn’s worker. Kaedyn also wants others to know that he enjoys being around friends and family.

Kaedyn can struggle with behavior at times, but he receives services to help him manage his feelings. Kaedyn generally does well in school. “He is a good student,” says Kaedyn’s worker, who adds that he strives to improve in the classroom. His worker is open to all types of families, but Kaedyn prefers a mom and dad. Kaedyn would do best as the only or youngest child in his new forever family. His new parent or parents must be experienced and knowledgeable of the impact of trauma on a child. In addition, his new parent or parents must be willing to advocate for the services that will help Kaedyn function at his best.

For more information about Kaedyn, contact our Adoption Specialist, Sara Wassenaar, at or 616.356.6268.



If it has wheels that go round and round, it’ll interest Benjamin, who goes by Ben. “He loves to play with trucks and any other toy with wheels,” says Ben’s worker. Ben’s affinity for circular things extends to his favorite food, cheese or pepperoni pizza. Ben gets as much enjoyment out of helping others. His worker says Ben is loving and “always willing to help with chores, even when he is not asked.” Ben’s other favorite things include playing with his Tickle Me Elmo doll, playing soccer and participating in choir at church. “Ben loves to go swimming and can proficiently swim on his own,” says his worker. “He loves winter and begs for sledding adventures.”

Ben receives services to help him function at his best at home and in school. “School staff love Ben and go the extra mile to help support him,” says his worker. “He loves school, especially art.” Ben would do best with a mom and dad who are experienced. His new forever family must be patient and flexible as Ben adapts to his new home and learns at his own pace. Ben’s new parents must be strong advocates for the services that will help him thrive now and into adulthood. “Ben thrives on trying new activities, so an adoptive family will need to provide many different childhood activities,” says his worker.

For more information about Ben, contact our Adoption Specialist, Sara Wassenaar, at or 616.356.6268.