Children Waiting for Adoption


Jayline​ (15 years old)​ oozes athleticism and hopes to make this attribute a career one day. “Jayline would like to attend college and engage in sports while in college with the eventual goal of becoming a professional athlete,” says his worker. He already has a jump start by participating in baseball, football and basketball. “Jayline likes to talk about basketball and sports in general,” says his worker. “He loves all things sports, especially basketball.” In fact, Jayline’s favorite thing to do after school is play basketball. On weekends, this active young man turns his attention to skating, particularly skateboarding. Even though he’s a sports fanatic, Jayline takes a timeout on occasion. Like other teen boys, he likes playing video games. Jayline also enjoys tapping into his creativity by writing poetry, and his worker says he uses writing as a coping mechanism. “Jayline also participates in a hip-hop creative writing class,” she says. He likes listening to music, too, and will even rap. Although he’s mainly a serious teenage boy, Jayline sometimes flashes his contagious smile and showcases his good sense of humor.

Even though Jayline sometimes has behavior issues, he receives assistance and has shown improvement. He will need help staying on task, especially in school. When Jayline is motivated, his worker says he’s a productive student. Jayline says that his favorite subject in school is biology.

Jayline would do best in a forever family who shares his love of sports. “He would do well in an active family,” adds Jayline’s worker. Jayline is open to all kinds of families but says he prefers one with a mom and dad. He’ll need experienced parents and a family who’ll advocate for the services that will help Jayline function at his best at home and in school. He also could use help staying focused on academics so he can reach his dream of attending college. Finally, his new family must be open to letting Jayline maintain his relationship with his sisters.

For more information about Jayline, contact Child Welfare Specialist Jill Visker at (616) 356-6210 or



Casey is an eleven year old African American male with short black hair and brown eyes. He is average height and is slender. Casey is active and healthy. Casey does well academically at school and has the cognitive ability to do very well in school. However, he can struggle with attention in the school environment due to his trauma history. He can be shy with new people but is smart, creative and has a great capacity to love once he feels he can trust someone.

Casey has a great sense of humor and is curious and adventuresome. Casey generally has age appropriate social skills and overall does well with peers and adults. Casey likes playing/watching sports. Casey wants a family that is active, loves sports, and is willing to make a commitment to him. A family for Casey needs to be willing to work with mental health services, encourage and facilitate relationships with his three siblings and grandmother. Casey also needs a parent that has the tools and supports to set appropriate boundaries with Casey and follow through even when things are challenging. Casey is a natural leader and can have a very good positive impact on others.

For more information about Casey, contact CCWM Adoption Specialist Rachael George at (616) 356-6226 or




Abbi is a 16 year old Caucasian young woman with brown hair and brown eyes. She loves fashion, shopping, watching TV, and connecting with her friends on social media. Abbi’s favorite color is teal and she loves pets, especially dogs. Abbi is a social butterfly that needs help learning to set limits and boundaries with her relationships.

Abbi needs a family that has parenting experience and is willing to show a commitment to Abbi. Abbi would like to live in the city or suburbs. She would do best in a home as an only child or with one or two siblings so she can get the love and attention that she needs. Due to her age, a family needs to be able to advocate for Abbi as well as help her with the skills she will need to be a healthy and successful adult.

For more information about Abbi, contact CCWM Adoption Specialist Rachael George at (616) 356-6226 or



Brian who also goes by BJ, really enjoys attention from his caregivers, van rides, playing outside, and playing with small toys. Brian really likes toys that he can tear apart and put back together as well as toys that he can bend, and right now he really likes pipe cleaners and books or magazines. He also enjoys watching Go Diego Go. He loves snacks! Candy and cookies are his favorite! He is non-verbal and typically he communicates by typing on his  iPad, but lately he’s  been practicing repeating words. He relies on consistency and can be thrown off if his schedule is changed. Also, he is learning how to express his emotions through positive outlets and building positive peer relationships. He is very outgoing and loves being around people!

For more information about Brian, contact CCWM Adoption Worker Melissa Burke at (616) 356-6296 or